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Beyond the Ecological Design Flatland: Integral Architecture and Human Development - PowerPoint

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Date Added: Fri, Sep 01 2006

By Mark DeKay

Keywords: Green Design, Green Building, Green Architecture, sustainable development, sustainability, Integral Theory, Ken Wilber, developmental psychology, living systems, perception, quadrants, developmental levels, developmental waves, developmental stages, spiral dynamics, Don Beck, vMemes, memes, ITP, integral transformative practice, integral practicec, creativity

Green design is partial because it (often) denies the truths of Atomism, ignores the interior landscape, and denies human development. Without perceptual shifts, green design is merely technological sustainability (efficient parts do less badness). What perception allows us to see the world though the eyes of nature? How can Green Design become informed through observing living systems? This PowerPoint frames architecture in the four quadrants and Spiral Dynamics, discusses the perceptual shifts necessary to overcome design flatland, and outlines a transformative practice to engender an Integral vision for design. [Co-Director’s note: this presentation discusses two elements of Integral Theory: quadrants and developmental levels. – Barrett]

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