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Introduction to Integral Ecology

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Date Added: Tue, Sep 19 2006
By Ken Wilber
Keyworks: Integral Ecology, sustainability, introduction, confusion, interiority, social change, issues, definition

Ken Wilber introduces the need for an Integral Ecology through discussing some confusions and shortcomings of eco-philosophies. In part, acknowledging the interconnections between environmentalism and psychological development is an important step towards creating a practice that balances social change and interior growth with the environment. What is necessary is an approach to ecology that does not marginalize other worldviews and has an integrative capacity for inspiring change. [Co-Director's note: this asset relates to elements of Integral Theory by introducing Integral Ecology, which involves the following elements: quadrants, developmental levels, lines, states, and types. It requires an active Integral Naked account to view - Barrett]
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