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witz78 - The Biography

Last post 06-28-2008, 2:41 AM by witz78. 0 replies.
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  •  06-28-2008, 2:41 AM 58779

    witz78 - The Biography

    It all started when the sperm hit the egg and... No wait, let me start in a different way.

    When my mum was pregnant with me, my parents decided to marry (or was it the other way round? I can't remember). Anyway it was 1978 and my dad had a job in Algier, North Africa. He was an architect and his job was to plan some power stations and survey the construction of them. He convinced my mum of coming with him to live in Algier for some years. Did I mention that she was pregnant? So yea dad went down there and made fotos and showed her what it looked like and talked to her and soothed her fears and was on his knees and FINALLY she said okay. So they went there with a load of baggage only to find that the appartment the company had provided existed only in blueprint and would not be ready in years. So they knocked on the doors of every house and asked for shelter (hey this sounds like the christmas story - I didn't notice it before :) and they finally got a hint from a colleague of my dad and they went to the given address and ringed the door bell. No one opened so they went back to the car - when suddenly a small window in the door opened and asked something on arab! My dad spoke to the man behind the window in french (Algier was french colony back then) and negotiated about the price of an appartment. It turned out to be quite expensive, but appartments were rare, and it was common to pay a little 'bakshish' to get things going. We had to pay one year in advance, and in West German 'Deutsche Mark'. The company paid for it, so eventually we moved into the house of our host, who was an old arab with his wife and 4 or 5 grown-up kids living with him. My parents were treated like a part of the familiy, and it was a real good time, at least that's what I'm told.

    So my dad worked a lot and mum went back to Germany to give me birth (it was an 12 hour+ process with blood, sweat and tears) and then went back to Algier with me. The wife of our host used to call me 'the little pig eater' ^^ I have a lot of photos of me as an infant sitting at the beach of El-Jazair or in the Sahara desert near Bou-Saada.

    We returned to Germany when the job was finished, just in time before the situation became more and more unsafe due to the islamic revolution in Iran 1979.

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