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Fancy telling me about your government and life?

Last post 08-15-2008, 2:07 PM by NatalieLamb. 0 replies.
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    Fancy telling me about your government and life?


    I'm one of the JFKU Integral Theory Masters 2nd year students...  we're doing Social Systems this term with the wonderufl Terri O'Fallon.... Rochelle and I are working on Poltical systems and their imapct on indiviudals...

    Here's my juicy youtube request...


    I truly would like video responces... and if you know of folks in different countries with a video camera/mobile phone... that they could respond just 30 secs to a minute so my final presentation... I would so love it

    We're wanting people from countries at all levels of development...


    Thanks a lot

    Natalie Lamb

    Relationship Coach

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