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Re: Major II Frustrations

  •  11-10-2006, 7:00 PM

    Re: Major II Frustrations

    Engaged, Arthur?

    I think it's more a dis-engaged process myself. Non-actions speak louder than words ever can.

    [RANT ON]

    Is anyone ever going to address the moderation problem in the forums.....i.e., the lack of it?

    *WHY CAN WE NOT HAVE AN ANSWER TO THIS QUESTION?* It's been asked in the forums, PM's have been sent by many people, and what do we get? **crickets chirping**

    Am I ever going to get my membership kit?

    Can we have PM notification?

    Why do we even ask these kind of questions?

    It appears to me that as long as there is money flowing in, answers are not flowing out.

    I bet if I-I was in a monetary bind.....they'd be wanting to know what we think. I know what they do costs money, and lots of it, but damn. You'd think someone could pop in on occasion and say something.

    I think I-I is great, but the customer service sucks. Customer service seems to be non-existence.

    Let I-I act in their higher self, and actually start to address some customer service items. (Clean up the spam, deliever kits in a timely manner, or just let us know they are around in the forums....just how hard is that?)

    [RANT OFF]

    In a black and white picture....there's a lot of grey junk
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