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  •  12-30-2006, 9:31 PM


    I feel like Rocky I have left this forum three times by this is it.


    I don’t accept the reprimand I just got from the morally challenged I-I STAFF.

    So therefore, this is absolutely my last rap in this joint

    Listen up, please, if you will



    I don’t accept your reprimand,. I am an adult who if you don’t like those posts, good-by.

    I WILL LEAVE THIS FORUM FOR GOOD. Thanks for giving me this opportunity to say this or the inspiration to say it.


    True it is partly my ego that is saying this, because I don’t appreciate censer of any kind, by anyone under any circumstances.


    Particularly from people who accept mass murder, in Iraq, but want to censer me for being a little offensive to one of your bright boys.


    How about the road rules of the world?

    Why doesn’t I-I denounce the slaughter in Iraq?

    Thereby following the road rules of decent moral conduct.

    And your Buddhists?

    I will tell you why you don’t denounce the war in Iraq.


    Because I-I  is morally challenged , and only wishes to build an empire to soothe the ego’s of the hierarchy, and the delusions of these poor good people who believe in I-I. You are after power, and have no compunction of doing whatever it takes to get it

    Denouncing the war would in your pedestrian thinking cause you too much support from the wealthy powerful neo-cons. The excuse you are a non-profit wont wash.


    My heart goes  out to you people here whom I fear will meet disappointment over this morally challenged organization.



    It is not too late, you can still salvage something by unequivocally denouncing publicly that I-I denounce the war as a moral outrage, if you want to denounce Sadam also, go right ahead.


    As for my posts that you don’t like well I didn’t hear you go after the lady who called me a boy?

    That’s inconsistent

    Protect the sensibilities of your hierarchy but not the sensibilities of probably the only black man on this forum!


    That I can forgive.


    All who are on this forum I invite you to leave with me as a protest that this morally challenged so called spiritual institution is too interested in material gain than what is morally right, and protest against their refusal to publicly unequivocally denounce the slaughter in Iraq, of the Iraqi people, as well as our soldiers.


    Just leave for a week, that all I ask.


    I don’t really give a shit about myself, I am happy, I eat, drink and do all right, but if we can save one life by doing something (getting a so called spiritual organization with this stature to do denounce evil) then it is worth it.



    I had some fun

    To all those here I have interfaced with


    I love you

    And pray that you succeed despite your present environment

    Again do what is right before it is too late






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