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Difficulty relating IP, IS, AQL and KW to people you know

  •  07-29-2006, 10:44 AM

    Difficulty relating IP, IS, AQL and KW to people you know

    ...I have been trying to explain IP, AQAL, and KW to my friends without much luck. Even the information intended for the uninitiated seems to assume an understanding of AQAL, KW terms. I do my best translating but I am pretty new to this myself. I really would like more tools for spreading the word!

    Hi, marushia,

    I am empathizing with you on the matter. Same thing here. I have problems trying to relate IP, IS, AQL and KW to people I know who are into eastern/western spirituality and are open-minded (so they say).

    Earlier, I had an internal understanding (a sort of "enlightenment", an "Aha!" moment, of what IP is) and I tried to relate "the good news" to a few friends, only to fall flat on my face, realizing that I do not yet have sufficient personal vocabulary to explain my personal internal experience. I am still a person transitioning from a pre-personal to trans-personal mindset. It does not help to simply regurgitate the esoteric words of KW.

    This IP/IS/AQAL/KW thing is huge!

    But the problem, to my mind, is not the lack of tools, but the integration, or lack of it, into our personal lives, i.e., "personal ownership" of the principles -- thus enabling us to develop our own personal vocabulary of IP/IS philosophy.

    I am currently reading "really slowly and carefully" the 46-page Integral Spirituality: Intro & Note to the Reader (by KW, of course) and making notes as I go along. To date, I am still digesting the following:

    1. The humbling effect on me of understand the difference between having higher state of consciousness (which I have from time to time) and having a higher stage of consciousness (which I don't have,yet; and have personally confused with the former).

    2. Egocentric, Ethnocentric and Worldcentric stages of consciousness. The examples are very helpful in understanding these stages. (However, my personal experience makes me tend to think that there are Egocentric, Ethnocentric and Worldcentric states of cosciousness, as well.)

    NOTE TO THE SYSADMIN: I realized as I was doing the finishing (HTML) touches (Damn! Those automatically generated commands are still not working!) that I ought to post this comments as a thread in ISC Library and Media Discussion. See message #2355.

    FURTHER NOTE TO THE SYSADMIN: I just found out, that the link to this message (that you are reading right now) that I made in message #2355 works just fine during the message preview mode. However, once message #2355 is posted, it does not work at all. I get the following message:
    Access Denied
    Sorry, your account does not permit access to this post.
    Arrrgh!!! Angry [:@](Just lost my higher state of consciousness... Embarrassed [:$])
    BUT..., I can access message #2355 from here. Ahhhh!!! (Higher state of oneness is almost back). Big Smile [:D]Wink [;)]

    Ciao! and Happy trails!

    杜 偉 德
    "Caminante, no hay camino, se hace camino al andar..."
    [Traveller, there is no path, you create the path as you move forward...]
    Antonio Machado (1875-1939)
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