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Comments on Integral Spirituality: Intro and Note to the Reader

  •  07-29-2006, 11:14 AM

    Comments on Integral Spirituality: Intro and Note to the Reader

    I am currently reading "really slowly and carefully" the 46-page Integral Spirituality: Intro & Note to the Reader (by KW, of course) and making notes as I go along. To date, I am still digesting the following:

    1. The humbling effect on me of understand the difference between having higher state of consciousness (which I have from time to time) and having a higher stage of consciousness (which I don't have,yet; and have personally confused with the former).

    2. Egocentric, Ethnocentric and Worldcentric stages of consciousness. The examples are very helpful in understanding these stages. (However, my personal experience makes me tend to think that there are Egocentric, Ethnocentric and Worldcentric states of cosciousness, as well.)

    NOTE TO SYSADMIN: The content of this message is part of my message reply (#2352) to  What feature would you most like to see on I realized as I was doing the finishing (HTML) touches (Damn! Those automatically generated commands are still not working!) that I ought to post this comments here as well.

    FURTHER NOTE TO SYSADMIN: I also found out that when you click on #2352, the page does not automatically jump to the appropriate message. The display stays on the "top" or "first" message of the thread.

    FURTHER FURTHER NOTE TO SYSADMIN: I just found out, that the message link #2352, that works just fine during the message preview mode, does not work at all once the message is posted. I get the following message:
    Access Denied
    Sorry, your account does not permit access to this post.
    Arrrgh!!! Angry [:@](Just lost my higher state of consciousness... Embarrassed [:$])
    BUT..., I can access this message using the link that I made from #2352. Hmmm... Interesting... Ahhhh!!! (Higher state of oneness is almost back). Big Smile [:D]Wink [;)]

    杜 偉 德
    "Caminante, no hay camino, se hace camino al andar..."
    [Traveller, there is no path, you create the path as you move forward...]
    Antonio Machado (1875-1939)
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