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Re: Star Trek and AQAL

  •  07-31-2006, 8:35 PM

    Re: Star Trek and AQAL

    Hey, that superhero idea was mine! Though I will allow for simultaneous creation of that thought...

    But I, of course, think that it should be more like AQALTurtle!

    Though in one of my kids stories I used a Wise Fish.

    Ever see the kids book Old Turtle and the Broken Truth? It features a turtle who saves the world by literally re-integrating the ultimate knowledge of the universe. We turtles are very Integral and wise!

    Anyway, I really, really, really want to help create and promote great stories that teach Integral thinking and living to kids and young adults. I seriously think graphic novels and comics and animation are the way to go. A color changing superhero is pretty funny. Though if he was truly integral wouldn't he be a he/she and be rainbow colored?

    Live long, prosper, and ride a bike
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