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Re: Star Trek and AQAL

  •  07-31-2006, 8:49 PM

    Re: Star Trek and AQAL

    What about that weird Next Gen movie (oh, wait, there were two, weren't there) where Data goes crazy on that primative-yet-second-tier planet where they can stop time and Picard gets all transcendent with the leader lady? That was a particularly forgettable movie (well, I've forgotten most of it anyway), but definitely stretches the mind in a pretty post-post-conventional way.

    And then there's the movie when Kirk and Picard meet up in la la land (trapped in the timeless end of duality?) and have to "escape" back into the dangerous Orange world of "reality".

    And, of course, there's the Traveller and everyone's favorite scapegoat Wesley Crusher, who evolves into a new kind of being at the end of the Next Gen TV show.

    No wonder I love Star Trek!

    Live long, prosper, and ride a bicycle,
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