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Re: Integral Video Games

  •  08-07-2006, 9:01 AM

    Re: Integral Video Games

    There's a similar discussion about video games going on in the Integral Institute forum. In it, I posted this:

    I think a more realistic, AQAL way to deal with making fun, yet healthy games would be reward healthy, shadow-free problem solving skills. Make it real, so that the higher up you get levelwise, the more Integral your techniques must become to move on in the game.

    How about this for a potential Integral video game structure...

    - Your character starts out at Beige, just observing the world and experimenting with the available tools and learning basic skills (like walking and jumping around fun playground things!)
    - then you become Purple, and get to explore and discover all kids of wild and crazy things in the world
    - then you become Red, with egocentric aggressive power games (you win the level when you lose almost everthing and have to ask for a truce!)
    - then you move up to Blue ethnocentric defensive and team building games
    - then onto Orange creative and intellectual games
    - then Green games of sharing the wealth, meeting new people, and expressing your individuality
    - finally (?) your character gets to be all second tier like and play intricate political management games where you have to keep everyone moving up the spiral smoothly, and keep people's shadows from literally eclipsing the sun (and turning the planet into a real "dark age").
    - All the while there are little quadranty subplots going on just to keep things balanced and realistic

    Yep, that's my suggestion for a great video game!

    Peace, Love, and Bicycles,
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