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Re: Who Killed The Electric Car?

  •  08-13-2006, 8:54 AM

    Re: Who Killed The Electric Car?

    I'll also point out that the electric motorcycle/scooter/bike is an even cheaper and more environmentally friendly version of a motorized vehicle than the car. I'm always shocked at how few motorbikes in general there are in my area (a liberal, urban area). We have a whole lot of bicyclists, plenty of public tranist users, lots of walkers, and some car drivers, too. But almost no motorbike users.

    My husband has four different kinds of motor bikes: an electric scooter (eGo), a small gas powered motorcycle, an electric motorcycle, and an electric bicycle. (And that's in addition to the car, RV, airplane, recumbent trike, and countless bicycles! Yeah, I think he's got a big ol' shadow somewhere that makes him seek comfort in the idea that he has plenty of options for making an "escape" if he needs to...)

    I can see only two, or maybe three, real reasons for the low use of motor bikes: not a lot of advertising, not a lot of convenient/safe parking, and maybe people are afraid of falling over! I suspect that an attractive motorized trike might be useful for folks who fall (heh) into that last category.

    Peace, Love, and Bicycles (electric ones if you like)
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