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What is wisdom?

Last post 01-24-2007, 8:44 PM by Blikewater. 6 replies.
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  •  12-26-2006, 1:17 PM 17209

    What is wisdom?

    "I agree too that higher stage of consciousness doesn't necessary mean more wisdom. Ultimately, what we are talking about is simply a capacity that doesn't necessarily imply knowledge or wisdom or health or anything but the capacity for something if we choose to use it. How well and to what extent we translate and use that capacity is up to us." Quote from Timelody on Theory Au Natural; Question.

    What do you think?
    What IS wisdom?

    The above seems a bit flat to me. In my view wisdom is not a passive ability, on which we can act or not.
    Wisdom is the pulsation, the lifeline of our "attainment'. The greater the capacity, the more frequent its usage.
    Wisdom is not a theory. Wisdom is a very practical and lively seed. The core of action, I should say. Wisdom is more than a mental ability. In my mind it also has to do with "hearing grace", and grace is a bit slippery to behold verbally or describe precisely. (Hence my akwardness in formulating my thoughts here.)

    Please, chime in with your ideas.

    What is Wisdom to you?


    V i v a l a m u s i c a !
  •  12-26-2006, 6:24 PM 17223 in reply to 17209

    Re: What is wisdom?

    I have learned that Wisdom is the correct application of knowledge

    But what do I know, a friend of mine thinks Wisdom means healing

    Funny if we deal on different levels we both may be right

  •  12-27-2006, 4:25 PM 17271 in reply to 17209

    Re: What is wisdom?

    Hi O,


    As noted elsewhere, i've been at this ‘wisdom’ business for a long time, over six decades; so it’s an interesting exercise to consider afresh your excellent question, “What is wisdom?”


    From my view the key word in defining and understanding wisdom is context. Take the example of a necklace or a mala, where the constituent gems or beads are akin to groupings of seemingly isolated data; and where the thread that gives them context via shape, form, meaning, even purpose is wisdom.


    Additionally this context has not just these ‘horizontal’ attributes, but a ‘vertical’ aspect too; this latter characteristic has its root in the non-dual world, in a penetrating transcendence of its nominally accepted version in the manifest world of duality. So wisdom’s context is both broad and deep.


    This means that from wisdom’s view all necessary alternative views are considered, witness this little story: After dinner, Mary, mother of two young sons, was approached by the boys with a question, could they have some leftover pie from the kitchen counter that was tempting their young palettes? Wise and talented parent Mary said immediately: “Danny (the elder) you cut the remaining pie in two pieces. Christopher (the younger) you get first choice.” I marveled at her skill.


    Here in the world of duality, wisdom needs a counter part lest it be cold, calculating and distant. The countervailing quality that needs to grow in tandem with wisdom is compassion. Taken together this pair offers a path to the very highest of what humans are capable.


    Simply put wisdom always has ‘long term best interest’ at heart.





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  •  01-23-2007, 6:02 PM 18605 in reply to 17209

    Re: What is wisdom?

    Wilber defines wisdom as "your capacity to understand emptiness." It is a direct realization of the witness that you are.
  •  01-24-2007, 6:30 PM 18626 in reply to 18605

    Re: What is wisdom?

    -- thanks all of you for the great answers.

    Application of knowledge.
    Dharma and the fruit of its pursuit.

    I think now, wisdom also has to do with ripening.
    And naturally, the observance of time.

    Thanks again for your voices.

    V i v a l a m u s i c a !
  •  01-24-2007, 6:49 PM 18627 in reply to 18626

    • jongdar is not online. Last active: 12-10-2007, 12:20 PM jongdar
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    Re: What is wisdom?

    over time I've come to think of wisdom as realizing your "pace', or your timing, in relation to your action in the world...hitting your stride for the run, or your rythym in the dance. i feel it is also definately a gift that is delivered in TIME.

    It's also balanced kidney Qi.     Be well,  jongdar

    I'm gonna quit chasing my dreams.I'm just gonna ask them where they're goin' and hook up with 'em later.
    Mitch Hedberg
  •  01-24-2007, 8:44 PM 18631 in reply to 18626

    Re: What is wisdom?

      Awareness is gained through Realization, this Awareness allows for greater Realization, which leads to deeper Awareness... the infinite steps of Wisdom.

    Namaste, B.

    There is no individual possession, only universal belonging.
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