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surgical correction

Last post 02-01-2008, 9:36 AM by vulgan. 0 replies.
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  •  02-01-2008, 9:36 AM 38063

    surgical correction

    i read your journal that your a vegan. i too am a vegan. if you take it too seriously it's a very difficult thing to be. in the entire city of perth there is only one place that truly sells vegan food untouched by meat product. if you showed me the ingredients of the food you buy i can probably prove in atleast 20 ways that you are not a vegan... but good luck, if it's your health that is your priority then a bit of meat isn't going to kill you.

    raised vegetarian and then choosing to be vegan i have many personal issues of alienation from meat and meat eating society. altho, i used to eat sea food. my body still gets the urge for fish.

    so... we relate on something.

    good luck with making a real society, i too have hoped this year will be the year i create my own circle. a see others in our lonely position also trying to branch out. maybe this is the year... for us all.

    i envisage a greater circle connecting the groups. yes, the unclaimed wholeness that we already are... but also an invented human organization to make the whole manageable. perhaps thought of as the last order before The Universal Society is percievable by the human race.

    oneday we might... connect. despite my emails i keep you in high regard. please don't forget.

    i wrote the response to your request for clarity but it didn't send. the challenge to attack me from your stand point of total tolerance was meant as a joke. (did you get it then). i believe you are too clever and a good hearted person to need to hold onto this habit of sensitive embrace to the point of stupidly flattening all values and truths into a web of mush. a habit from new age idealisms mindset. more tolerance but not total tolerance is a wonderful thing for 90% of the world and love and peace and all of that are such great, for obvious reasons, ideals. but you are not a stupid psychopath and i believe i can let you in on the fact that everything shouldn't be totally tolerated, and everything isn't true. a *good* surgeon is a BAD surgeon if he is unwilling to devalue and remove the sick parts of the world, and save the good. you know that right, under all the blissful pictures of total love. you said it yourself, there is darkness in the means. everyone cannot be saved. that is my belief system.
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