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Edith Friesen - Winnipeg, Canada

Edith Friesen - Winnipeg, Canada

Introduction: Integral Approach

Listen to Edith Friesen and Ken Wilber

Question from Edith Friesen.

Ken, you claim that the Integral Map or IOS gives different domains a common terminology which allows them to not only talk to each other but also to communicate fully.

As a writer with a background in communications studies, this question is very close to my heart. I am fed up with turf wars within and between domains; this is what drew/drove me to your work in the first place, nearly a decade ago. Now the possibility of intra and interdisciplinary communication seems more possible than ever.

But is it, really?

From my perspective and experience, when it comes to communicating fully, whether between individuals, domains, disciplines or religions, a common terminology and a neutral framework like IOS only gets us to the door. It doesn’t get us past our hidden assumptions, interpretive frameworks, paradigms, etc. It doesn’t touch the structure or content of our individual or collective interiors, at least not initially.

Q: Precisely how and to what extent does the Integral Map allow different domains to talk to each other? And, do various parties (individuals, domains or religions) need to be at integral before full communication can occur?

I am looking for hope, Ken, and fuller examples.

Love and Gratitude,

PS. I’m loving Integral Spirituality!

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