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  • Re: Banish Helene to 7th Circle for Spamming, Please

    adastra: The following is my own personal perception; in so far as I can, I am speaking from my highest self. &nbsp; 34 pages later and&nbsp;''personal perception'' is still confused as ''highest self.'' &nbsp; later, gene
    Posted to Nugget Box (Forum) by coppersun on November 25, 2006
  • Re: I fucking hate...

    ''Fuck hatred in all forms.'' &nbsp; now that's funny! &nbsp; later, gene
    Posted to The Seventh Circle (Forum) by coppersun on November 3, 2006
  • Re: Final post with love

    Helene: seeing right through you!!! hehe gene just want some attention - addmit it! &nbsp; yeah, i&nbsp;see it, i did. should have just asked if you were banned. depending on the response then i could shut up or say why i'm outta here. &nbsp; later, gene
    Posted to The Seventh Circle (Forum) by coppersun on November 1, 2006
  • Re: Spamming and 2nd tier communities

    kessels:Hi Pelle,If the issues are in the left-hand quadrants, especialy in the LL, this is perceived differently. Beacuse if you don't have the capacities to engage in meaningful conversations, you're pretty hard to maintain in a discussion group. Again, that's sad. But we don't expect a soccer team to include members who kick the ball out of the
    Posted to Theory Au Naturel (Forum) by coppersun on November 1, 2006
  • Re: Final post with love

    Davidd: Hey Gene, you've got some catching up to do.&nbsp; You need to read the various Helen threads before you decide.&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Just to say:&nbsp; Helen has not (NOT) been banned. ~ D &nbsp; isn't this a hallmark of first tier ---- ''if you disagree with me you must not have done your homework, because if you did, you'd agree ...
    Posted to The Seventh Circle (Forum) by coppersun on November 1, 2006
  • Re: Final post with love

    Helene: hey girard ... will type &nbsp;quietly maybe no one else will notice&nbsp;the intrusion? thank You ever so much for&nbsp;sticking your neck out 4&nbsp;poor lil' me &nbsp; i just heard about this.&nbsp; what exactly is the situation?&nbsp; i agree that some should be banned (), but if a contributor such as helene is banned, i'm outta ...
    Posted to The Seventh Circle (Forum) by coppersun on October 31, 2006
  • Re: Major II Frustrations

    kessels:I'm actually pretty happy with the way things are evolving around here, and I think that deserves to be said as well every once in a while.Peter what sorts of communications have you sent to i-i and what sorts of responses have you received? later, gene
    Posted to Help Build Integral Spiritual Center (Forum) by coppersun on October 9, 2006
  • Re: Major II Frustrations

    ralphweidner:hi gene, sorry to hear of your frustration, but isn't i-i struggling to get something like fifty new websites launched? who knows? maybe they're a little overwhelmed!? that's my guess. but don't you know more than i do? ralph then how about doing it without struggling? &nbsp;it's quality vs. quantity. &nbsp;for example, if everyone ...
    Posted to Help Build Integral Spiritual Center (Forum) by coppersun on October 9, 2006
  • Re: Major II Frustrations

    join the multitudes.&nbsp; a new moniker---''I-I the black hole''.&nbsp; you know what else---i don't even think that threatening to downgrade our memberships a few levels will wake up anybody, otherwise i'd have threatened that a while ago. &nbsp; later, gene &nbsp;
    Posted to Help Build Integral Spiritual Center (Forum) by coppersun on October 6, 2006
  • Re: "Integral Teacher, Integral Students, Integral Classroom"

    zakmeg:Gene: I fear you may have missed the thrust of my overall critique. . . . &nbsp;So the big question is this: how general does the framework offered claim to be? I see it making the general claim. So if it is what it claims to be it should be readily applicable to any and all educational endeavors. But it's not. That's the problem. . . .
    Posted to Education (Forum) by coppersun on September 9, 2006
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