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  • Re: AQAL

    I would agree with egg.&nbsp; Although the map we see published, along with the explantion of each quadrant, is right quadrant (IT), the full understanding of the map requires that one travels through each quadrant, and confirm the experience described by Wilber and others from within that quadrant. Sort of like getting a guidebook of Paris, ...
    Posted to General Discussion (Forum) by storchs on December 2, 2007
  • Re: My essay of Integral and God

    Rich, nice work summarizing the integral position in light of traditional western views of god.&nbsp; If it was for a philosophy course, you should have gotten an A. Storch
    Posted to General Discussion (Forum) by storchs on October 28, 2007
  • Re: Trouble with brain and death

    infimitas:Just a quick reply as I don't have time to read all the posts yet, but have you read Excerpt G: Toward A Comprehensive Theory of Subtle Energies?&nbsp; It goes into aome of this, though starts to border on outright metaphysics, so may put some people off.&nbsp; Not me, I love that suff, but... well, just warning you.. That reading ...
    Posted to Theory Au Naturel (Forum) by storchs on October 10, 2006
  • Re: Trouble with brain and death

    Whew...I thought I was missing something there for a sec. Regarding my question I guess the answer lies with subtle and non-dual bodies but...I thought these too were dependent upon the lower causal body (as in holon hierarchy).&nbsp; Knock out the foundation and everything above it comes down as well. In a similar vein, W. and others refer to ...
    Posted to Theory Au Naturel (Forum) by storchs on October 9, 2006
  • Re: Trouble with brain and death

    Helene: just a short comment, seeing how my apron&nbsp; and a mountain of cortland apples,&nbsp;potato and &nbsp;squash peeling and so on &nbsp;are a-waiting today......on 'memory' ''are u happy?'' , as soon as she walked in the kitchen asked my 2ish year old gran-baby, pointing at the kitchen floor.....several times she asked same. .. then ...
    Posted to Theory Au Naturel (Forum) by storchs on October 9, 2006
  • Trouble with brain and death

    I understand that we are supposed to keep AQAL in mind when looking at thoughts, ideas, i.e. thoughts have corresponding characteristis in our brains (it) as well as our 1st person perspective of them (I). However, I'm having a tough time sorting through what happens when the brain dies or is damaged. Upon death or damage to the brain, ...
    Posted to Theory Au Naturel (Forum) by storchs on October 9, 2006
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