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  • Re: The Dignity of Red

    i did not only march on washington. my town marches quite often actually. a few years ago we organized a peacefest to hold on campus. and you're right there is a lot of news coverage etc. my point is that we do march every year and there are people that respond and that this does happen all over the country. i try to live by the mantra of change ...
    Posted to Nunc Fluens (Forum) by zneval on April 27, 2008
  • Re: mcenter has been banned?

    Castel,Your apprasial is so aware and honest. From where I see it, out your frustration and attempt to be aware of it you have articulated the complaints against mcenter as well as they have been.All I can say is that I agree with all you've said about discipline and respect. I am a fan too; I hope he heeds advice.I too agree that a sharp response ...
    Posted to Nugget Box (Forum) by zneval on April 27, 2008
  • Re: Those Who Liked Bush in '04 Will Prefer Obama Over McCain

    what can i say? under the guise of ''reporting what American's feel'' according to what you believe, what can i say?I honestly do not think that the situation and circumstances of 04 are as they are in 08. I do not think that you can set up Bush:Kerry with McCain:Obama. Obama attracts an entirely new, different, more invigorated electorate. New ...
    Posted to Nunc Fluens (Forum) by zneval on April 27, 2008
  • Re: Obama Is/Not a Muslim

    schalk---You say that almost everyone who voted for Bush in 04 will vote for McCain in 08. How do you know? You suggest to the Democracts to adopt the republican positions on ''simple things'' like guns, religion, and abortion? Instead of talking about rainbows and doves? It's these sorts of empty rhetorical statements that make me cringe. ...
    Posted to Nunc Fluens (Forum) by zneval on April 26, 2008
  • Re: "When green and orange fight, amber wins" - will there be a unity ticket?

    I highly doubt an Obama-Clinton ticket, and for most in the political world it doesn't make much sense either. I do not foresee a situation in which Hillary could win this nomination, since superdelegates appear unswayed by her unsavory Pennsylvanian win and she is quickly losing funds. In the unlikely situation that she did win, I suspect she ...
    Posted to Nunc Fluens (Forum) by zneval on April 26, 2008
  • Re: mcenter has been banned?

    quoting mcenter: ''Poetry and Art really reflects the institution and makes certain acadamia incorrectness for the point of example understanding that ultimately it's only part of a more comprehensive hierarchy.'' i hope we all reflect on this and its context in the goings-on, and for it to be said after all this raucus. thinking about this for ...
    Posted to Nugget Box (Forum) by zneval on April 25, 2008
  • Re: 図画

    my soul is empty,stayed up in night,guilt too aplentyin violent sex violent sex fight,grabbing loose shaking,beauty is a spite:dead lust faking.dead lust faking,making mockery of me,me now me hating,scared by what-seen.scared by what-seen,drawn beyond will,submission too keen,empty soul too ill.
    Posted to The Seventh Circle (Forum) by zneval on April 23, 2008
  • Re: mcenter has been banned?

    adastra--- thanks for sharing that article. I agree with all of its tenents.but you are insinuating that all of mcenter's posts are on the same level as high-school fart jokes and obscenities, which I simply cannot agree with. (I'm not sure why I keep posting on this subject, but....) I find mcenter's posts to be thought provoking, ...
    Posted to Nugget Box (Forum) by zneval on April 23, 2008
  • Reflection on Bhakti

    A reflection on the Bhakti tradition in Hinduism:Listen, O lord of the meeting rivers,things standing shall fall,but the moving ever shall stay.This verse, written by Basavaņņa, offers a poetic summation of three important components of the Bhakti movements: the personalization of mans relationship to God, the rejection of the usually accepted ...
    Posted to Embodied Practice (Forum) by zneval on April 22, 2008
  • Re: 向こう側へ全人類て行きますか

    translation of mcenter's above post:''All the mankind; it goes to far side?The destructive destruction which it destroys.Breaking it reserves in detail denselyThe detective which you perceive''my reinterpretation of mcenter:''All of mankind (all of you!), in your isolation and striving towards your own ends which you laud so highly, according to ...
    Posted to Nunc Fluens (Forum) by zneval on April 22, 2008
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