This series of clips was recorded live at the Boulder Theater in 2004.

Virtuoso guitar player Ottmar Liebert is a platinum-selling recording artist who sparked a world music revival in the early nineties with the release of his groundbreaking debut Nouveau Flamenco, and currently stands as one of the world's most popular and compelling instrumental performers. With over twelve years of tireless touring and fourteen studio recordings, Liebert can trace his incredible success to both his cultural background and the meandering course of his career, as well as to his love for music itself. This clip was recorded in 2004 at the Boulder Theater, and is originally from Nouveau Flamenco.

 Heart Still/Beating ( 05:09 )
Broadband  |  Dialup  |  Download WMV  |  iTunes/iPod 8/16/2004

 La Luna ( 04:59 )
Broadband  |  Dialup  |  Download WMV   8/30/2004

 Underworld ( 05:44 )
Broadband  |  Dialup  |  Download WMV   9/13/2004

 Santa Fe ( 05:36 )
Broadband  |  Dialup  |  Download WMV   10/11/2004

 Cave in My Heart ( 06:13 )
Broadband  |  Dialup  |  Download WMV   10/18/2004