Who is Kenji Williams?


Classically trained in violin since the age of 7, Kenji Williams is the founder and producer of ABA Structure. He creates live ethereal musical experiences, using his violin, laptop, and drum machine to transmit his unique style to the dance floor. Kenji's musical history includes intensive classical training, early influences in Detroit and European techno and house music, and four years touring with the tribal-trance group Medicine Drum. The synthesis of these influences makes ABA Structure an exotic, tantalizing, and intoxicating sound that can at times be likened to progressive or psychedelic techno, while infusing the mix with the more downtempo flavors of ambient electronica and "electro-space dub."

Booked in Europe, America, and Japan, Kenji (ABA Structure) performs at many house, techno, trance, and ambient events, from intimate underground gatherings, to 10,000 person massive outdoor productions in Japan. He has also performed multimedia shows with visionary artists such as Alex Grey and evolutionary thinkers like Ken Wilber.

"Illusion," Kenji's first ever EP release, reached a global audience of nearly 100,000 people. He has since collaborated with John Digweed's Bedrock label, and has several ambient releases with such top-notch labels as Flying Rhino and Interchill. His latest full length tech-house/tech-trance album is called "Faces of Epiphany," released by Japanese label and event-organizer Vision Quest.

ABA Structure is creating the cutting edge of musical composition and performance while collaborating with the most respected artists and cultural-creatives of our time. Considered by many as the "next level" of electronic music and performance, ABA Structure is literally re-shaping the global electronic music and multimedia scene, bringing together the house, techno, trance, and ambient worlds, while using violin to deliver a unique and unprecedented talent to the dance floor that shatters all stereotypes of "cold" electronic music.

Kenji has appeared on Integral Naked:

Belly Dance6/27/2005
Live at Synergia6/6/2005
Live - Dakini Nights w/ Shalale Dancers4/11/2005
Death & Rain3/28/2005
Spirit Walker3/14/2005
White Dub2/28/2005
Common Threads Japan2/14/2005
Progress of the Soul10/25/2004
Live at Anoyo J-Pop—The Interview9/27/2004
Artist's Prayer9/20/2004
Live at Anoyo J-Pop in Japan9/6/2004
Ottmar and Kenji Redux7/12/2004
Integral Art Montage. Part 2. The Artist's Toolkit.6/7/2004
Ottmar and Kenji Rock5/17/2004
Integral Art Montage. Part 1. Good Artists, Bad People.5/10/2004
Sacred Mirrors12/22/2003
Tokyo Story11/28/2003