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Beyond the Beyond: Post-Metaphysics Call!

This week on Integral Spiritual Center....

Wholeness: A Sliding Scale, Part 1 - Jim Marion/Ken Wilber

IS Call on Ch. 6 "Shadow" - Durwin Foster/Ken Wilber

As Ken reminds us, the original meaning of "metaphysics" is "beyond physics."  But what's beyond that?  Saturday, May 26 at noon, Mountain time, Ken, several of our ISC Members tackle that question!  We hope you can join us for what should be a fascinating discussion around a crucial topic.  To listen in to the live web stream, click here anytime after noon Saturday, Mountain time.

Our teachers at ISC had some very interesting questions for Ken after reading preliminary copies of Integral Spirituality.  In this week's featured video, Jim Marion (author of Putting on the Mind of Christ) observes that, of the two axes of development, the great religious traditions seem to address only one (the horizontal axis of development through stages).

In this week's featured audio, Ken and British Columbia's Durwin Foster discuss what we call "Ladder, Climber, View," a clear and concise metaphor for development and the potential pathologies that can occur along the way.

We were deeply blessed by the wonderful teaching of Patrick Sweeney, Diane Musho Hamilton Sensei, and Terry Patten at last weeks Integral Buddhism seminar.  Thank you also to the Sangha who gathered here.  We are looking very much forward to sharing with you some of the beautiful moments that arose in that space.

Happy Pentecost (the feast of the Holy Spirit) to all of our Christian friends!  To all, we hope you can join us for tomorrow's call....


Published Friday, May 25, 2007 9:11 PM by rollie


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