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Last post 09-22-2006, 4:30 AM by vajrayogini. 0 replies.
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  •  09-22-2006, 4:30 AM 8841


    Brighton Integral Salon
    (formerly "Brighton Integral Circle")

    Is now at...

    We're also meeting in the flesh this Tuesday, 26th September:

    If you're close to Brighton I thought you might be interested in joining us...

    At the Sanctuary, Hove @ 7.45pm

    Any items to add to the Integral Agenda?

    I'll make a start... please feel free to add stuff.


    * First principles - why are we here? what do we want the salon to be?

    * Structure

    * Invited Guests - Gary Hawke from London has very kindly agreed to come down and show us how to rollerblade... sorry... to run a 3-2-1 Shadow workshop, this is Fab. If we treat him really nicely he'll possibly return and do an ILP taster too. Please have a think about workshops/presentations you could do or people you'd like to invite.

    * Integral-Institute business

    * Any Other Business?

    Looking forward to the carrot juice and conversations.



    mobile/text: 07976 734490

    aka. Mu. Vajrayogini. Thereisnospoon.

    "May the sufferings and negativites of living beings ripen upon me,
    And may my happiness and virtue ripen upon them" - Nagarjuna
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