Overall impressions from 2004 participants
“Not only have I learned much—academic theory, on-going practices, integral self-care—I feel a comfort that there is a community evolving and connecting who think beyond, levels beyond, the common world. It is hope for the future and peace for me right now.”

—Kathy Callahan, Deputy Regional Administrator, Environmental Protection Agency, New York, USA

“Blows away anything else I have done in seminar training right off the chart. A truly integral experience at exceptional depth. If you are looking for a way to deepen and enrich your Integral Sustainability understanding and practice, this seminar experience is a must. Is has deepened my life in ways I cannot explain in words. I have found my family, my sangha, my true work. Do this seminar!”

—Tim Winton, Managing Trustee, The Permaforest Trust, Byron Bay, Australia

“I have attended a lot of seminars and am also involved in delivering (as part of a core faculty group giving sustainability seminars to senior executives). The staff—all presenters and support staff—has been first class. The whole experience has been full of compassion and insight. The community we co-created is very powerful. Ultimately I am going home re-vitalized.”

—Sarah Severn, Director, Sustainable Development, Nike Inc., Portland, USA

“I have been doing workshops and seminars for 30 years. I have led seminars and workshops and I can truthfully say that this was, without a doubt, the most powerful, fun, loving, informative, and useful workshop I have ever done. The staff is so grounded in love, honor and respect that every participant felt thoroughly trusting of the challenging process. I laughed, cried, danced, hugged, comforted, and finally merged with the entire group. The participants’ backgrounds just blew me away. It surpassed my wildest expectations. Thank you!!”

—Susan Cadogan, Sales Representative, Light Blocks, Boston, USA

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