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Integral Naked Keywords

Last post 09-26-2006, 4:08 PM by adastra. 1 replies.
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  •  09-26-2006, 1:46 PM 9435

    Integral Naked Keywords

    Here is an email i just sent to Ken and staff:

    Well, it took some work, but all IN audio/video/art/pdf's have been tagged with the following keywords (and one or two more that i am omitting, because i am not at home with my main computer).  Considering the vast spectrum of material on the site, i think this will help organize our assets much more efficiently.  Ideally we will have individual pages dedicated to each of these categories, as well as "related media" associated with each and every asset.  But this is a terrific start.
    Note: the archive page is not currently displaying all of the assets in a given search string; cutting them off after a certain number.  This is a problem particularly for Art and Spirituality, which has a lot of assets in those categories.  Jay Michael and I are working on a solution to that.
    Note #2: the actual search strings have an exclamation mark before the keyword, e.g. "!psychology"--the reason for this is that if you just search for the term "psychology", any asset that mentions Integral Psychology would be included in the search--whether or not the asset was actually categorized as a psychology talk.


    Corey W. deVos (dj rekluse)
    Brand Manager, Integral Naked
    Audio Manager, Integral Institute
    Managing Editor,
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  •  09-26-2006, 4:08 PM 9456 in reply to 9435

    Re: Integral Naked Keywords

    IIzaadz pod - - combines the best of I-I and zaadz. If you're turquoise and you know it, drop on by. :)

    "You've never seen everything." - Bruce Cockburn
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