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Tom D'Alessio - Wisconsin

Tom D'Alessio - Wisconsin

Call on IMP.

Listen to Tom D'Alessio and Ken Wilber.

From: Thomas D'Alessio

P34: UR is "outside/individual" yet the comment "In the Upper Right, felt energy phenomenologically expands from gross to subtle to causal."

Phenomenology means:
        What presents itself in conscious experience   (Hegel)

        Approach that takes the intuitive experience of phenomena as starting point   (Husserl)

         Apprehension of the Being behind all beings   (Heidegger)

By none of those definitions does phenomenology belong in UR, it is not "outside/individual." I question "phenomenologically expands" as well as "gross" "subtle" and "causal" in UR (diagram p34)/EXTERIOR/individual. Does "subtle" or "causal" describe the "outside of an individual?" I am wondering if their use here is not only very confusing but critically misleading? I am even wondering if "subtle" and "causal" belong in UR? Is "the openness in which all things arise" really exterior/individual and therefore measurable? Huh?

P37: "If any of these states become permanent acquisitions, they become stages, not states." I'm not aware of anywhere else Ken equates stages as "permanent states." This is an argument for being permanently on LSD or SRI's or at least a good sturdy chianti. He's been very careful to distinguish states from stages, even using entirely different language to describe them. States: waking, dreaming, deep formless sleep; gross, subtle, causal; meditative states, altered states, peak experiences. You can exteriorly see waking and instrumentally measure dreaming and deep sleep (but formless?). But how do we observe "causal" from the exterior? What outside observer can see/measure a peak experience another may be having? If I take p37 seriously and "stages" are "permanent states," then "causal" could become a permanent state? And if so what's the point of "now?"

I applaud Ken's work: it has become an integral part of my own new enterprise Bodymindspiritworks LLC (we help people get their lives back). The work I am doing now is a result of 20 years of experience and reading, including everything Ken has published (web and book, starting with "No Boundary"). Thanks for your pioneering and excellent work (Ken and all the people at I-I)!


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