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John Baker - New York

John Baker - New York

IS Chapter 1 on IMP

Listen to John Baker and Ken Wilber.

Dear Ken, Much love & deep prayers for your speedy recovery.  Much appreciation for the track you and I-I are laying for Integral Consciousness. Integral saved my life. 
I am a deep student of your work.  I have read & listened to just about everything you have written & spoke, including most everything you have recommended, have been intensely involved in Integral Practice since '02 ( I was born in the Wilber-5 context reading first Boomeritis, Eye of the Spirit, One Taste then the Online stuff prior to reading SES) , and have studied & been on retreats with some of Integral Spiritual Center teachers including Roger Walsh,  Lama Surya Das, Andrew Cohen(why isn't he part of it ---> I keep meaning to ask him) & Terry Patten.  I consider Saniel Bonder & Linda-Groves Bonder to be my primary teachers. 

I am fascinated by an Integral Calculus of Primordial Perspectives as my major in college was Physics. I have a few questions in relation to Integral Mathematics.
1.  Mostly I want to know how you would characterize a 4th, 5th, and so on person perspective using 3p language.  How far does that rabbit hole go?
2.  You mention using 3, 4, or 5 terms to annotate perspectives and then reducing those to three.  What are the reasons for using more terms or less and could you elaborate on this?
3. Can you explain how the quadrants are not the perspectives but generate the perspectives?

I really hope you are well enough to come to New York next week but, please don't kill yourself.  I am deeply grateful for you presence here and wish that you stay to guide us for another 50 years or more.  Hopefully Kurzweils predictions can bare some fruit & they will download your consciousness into A.I. lol I plan on heading to Boulder after becoming a teacher in the Waking Down work and building a solid financial base.


John Baker

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