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Richard Munn - London, England

Richard Munn - London, England

Introduction: Integral Approach

Listen to Richard here.

From: Richard Munn []
Sent: Sunday, July 30, 2006 6:58 AM
Subject: questions for ken


I have more than one question, I obviously don't expect more than one to be

1. The Integral Approach is a comprehensive map but is there a way to make
AQAL partial or to transcend and include AQAL?

2."The new human is Integral" I guess this refers to Integral being a stage
of development but can this be misused to claim that AQAL is Absolutely

3. The Integral Psychograph seems a WONDERFUL way of knowing one's self
better, how can I creat my own psychograph?!

4.In watching Genpo's exposition of ranks none of them seem to fit my
understanding of the presentation of 'subtle' in the AQAL map (ie. Tantric
visualisations etc.). How does this fit with your state-stage conception?

5.How does an atom have 4 quadrants? (how can an atom have a 'culture'?)


Richard Munn, 22, UK

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